Cloud Security Posture Management

Leverage automation to achieve your compliance objectives and free your staff of unnecessary mundane work.


Continuously Monitor Cloud Security Compliance

Achieve compliance with cloud security standards and regulatory requirements faster, such as ISO 27001, SOC 2, and CIS Benchmarks. Continuously monitor your cloud security compliance altogether in one platform to never miss a compliance violation.

Continuous Compliance Management

Gain Insights into Your Latest Cloud Security State

Get deep security insights with automated and on-demand cloud security assessment runs. Identify the most severe cloud risks of misconfigured, insecure, and non-compliant cloud resources before they are exploited.


Easily Remediate Cloud Security Vulnerabilities

Save time and costs to fix security vulnerabilities in the cloud with easy-to-follow remediation steps. Reduce cloud-based security incidents caused by misconfigurations and non-compliance by 80%.


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