Continuous Security Verification

Mitigant redefines cloud security with the world's first Continuous Security Verification (CSV) platform powered by the Security Chaos Engineering approach. It proactively ensures security, compliance, and cyber resilience against cyberattacks for cloud-native infrastructure.
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Mitigant continuously monitors cloud infrastructure to detect misconfigured cloud resources. The checks used are based on several compliance standards and cloud security best practices e.g. CIS Benchmarks, BSI C5 and PCI DSS.


Our framework helps customers to establish secure baselines according to their preferences. These baselines are thereafter maintained using innovative drift analysis techniques, hence deviations are promptly detected and remediated.


Mitigant is the first in the industry to employ security chaos engineering techniques to safely detect security blind spots in the cloud. By injecting security faults into cloud infrastructure, unknown issues are quickly identified and remediated. This technique uniquely distinguishes us from the competition.

Strike the balance between cloud compliance, security, and resilience

Mitigant is redefining cloud security by unlocking the power of a balanced approach, ensuring compliance, security, and resilience for your cloud environments.
Cloud Attack Emulation
Emulate real-world attacks based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework to measure your cloud security effectiveness. Identify security gaps before attackers exploit them and build resilience against potential cyberattacks.
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Cloud Security Posture Management
Detect and remediate security threats across multi-cloud infrastructures. Get clear insights into cloud security risks and enhance visibility.
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Kubernetes Security Posture Management
Secure your Kubernetes environments by identifying and remediating package vulnerabilities and compliance issues before attackers strike.
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Cloud Workload Protection Platform
Monitor possible threats and vulnerabilities and continuously deliver consistent security controls within cloud workloads across various environments.
Cloud Inventory Management
Track cloud resources and configurations through a unique approach to cloud inventory management. Instantly spot drifted resources and associated security risks.
Cloud Security Verification
Go beyond traditional cloud security by proactively verifying your cloud infrastructure.  Leverage Mitigant to prevent cloud security mechanisms from failing by continuously verifying their efficiency.
Automated Cloud Penetration Testing
Automatically discover possible vulnerable entry points and attack paths within your cloud infrastructures that attackers can exploit with various cloud attack emulation actions and scenarios.
Threat Hunting Optimization
Adopt a threat-informed defense strategy for the clouds to be ready and resilient against possible cloud attacks. Discover security blindspots and vulnerable points within the cloud security strategy with automated security game days.
CDR Optimization
Evaluate the effectiveness of your Cloud Detect and Response (CDR) systems using real-world attack emulations. Run security game days to detect threats missed by CDR and improve your team’s incident response capabilities.
Proactively Protect Cloud-Native Infrastructures

Simplify Security, Strengthen Compliance,
and Build Cyber Resilience

Stay Secure and Compliant
Mitigant lets you take control of cloud security and ensures cloud-native infrastructures are correctly and securely managed. Easily achieve and monitor compliance with cloud security regulations and best practices while reducing the possibility of security incidents by 80%
Adopt an Attack Resilient Posture
Mitigant verifies the readiness of the cloud and the team against possible cloud attacks by detecting security blindspots within the cloud security strategies. This helps improve the cloud’s cyber resilience and threat detection and response performance with automated security game days.

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