Mitigant Partner Network

Mitigant Partner Network is a partnership program to bring strategic partners together to enhance cloud infrastructure’s security, compliance, and cyber resilience with Mitigant.

Partner With Mitigant

Become a valued Mitigant partner and unlock a world of opportunities to secure cloud-native infrastructures from cyberattacks.

Managed Service Providers

Mitigant partners with managed service providers to help securely manage customers’ cloud infrastructures and maintain cloud security compliance on one platform.

Solution Providers

Mitigant works with resellers and distributors to provide expertise in the cloud security domain and deliver the right solution for their customer’s cloud security needs.

System Integrators

Mitigant partners with consultants offering advisory and consultancy services by automating cloud security assessment and security testing offerings for their customers, helping to save time and effort.

Let’s Revolutionize Cloud Security Together

Are you ready to elevate your business with an innovative cloud security and cyber resilience solution?

Sales Support
Sales training and kits to drive sales revenue.
Technical Support
Gain access to the Mitigant platform for demos, training, and customer assessments with demo support and direct feedback channels.
Marketing Support
Launch joint marketing campaigns with blog posts, webinars, and whitepapers to reach potential customers.
Cloud Security Training
Keep up to date with Mitigant’s latest updates and cloud security trends with exclusive partner webinars and resources.

Let’s Level Up Cloud Security Together.

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