DevSecOps in Kubernetes

The talk is about how to or how to not implement cloud native projects in highly regulated environments.
Muhammad Ihsan Haikal Sukmana
2 min
DevSecOps in Kubernetes
Muhammad Ihsan Haikal Sukmana
Muhammad Ihsan Haikal Sukmana
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The talk is about how to or how not to implement cloud-native projects in highly regulated environments. You will get some insights into real-world projects where Kubernetes is used to run the latest applications and control critical infrastructure in Germany and Europe.The examples include container gardening and how to convince developers to deliver minimal and compliant containers, onboarding security team members to get the Sec into DevOps, running CI/CD pipelines with 3rd party vendors, air-gapped cloud-native architectures, and  running clusters with the highest availability.

Watch the talk here.

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