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Continuous Security

Become resilient against cloud attacks. Proactively detect blindspots in your cloud security
mechanisms and take prompt action.


Stay Ahead of Cloud

No more guess work ! Mitigant verifies the effectiveness of your cloud security controls.
This allows you to confidently operate like a champ. Our innovative approach consists of three pillars.

Continuously gain risk-driven analysis of your cloud security posture.
Detect compliance violations based on several cloud security standards and best practises.
Track and detect cloud infrastructure drifts with full understanding of security implications.
Real-time alerting of suspicious and malicious activities.
Automatically remediate security weaknesses before they are detected by attackers
Go beyond compliance, take control of you cloud security posture.
Continuously verify that security controls deliver as expected by using security chaos engineering techniques.
Launch controlled attack scenarios to train your teams on security operations e.g. incident response.
Proactively discover security blind spots missed by other security tools.
Enable security and resiliency for your cloud
infrastructure with Mitigant. Speak to us !