MontBlancAI Use Case

Learn how Mitigant improves the security posture of their Azure infrastructure.
MontBlancAI Use Case


MontBlancAI is a startup that empowers machine manufacturers and operators to improve their bottom line by providing a product that detects anomalies and enables a deeper understanding of their machines. It enables continuous validation of processes, predicts trends, and offers timely recommendations.

To achieve these objectives, MontBlancAI requires modern infrastructure, and hence, they leverage the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. This enables agility, scalability, and faster time-to-market for their software.

MontBlancAI collects several types of data from factories, including data from the machines PLCs and user feedback. To prevent data breaches and reputational damage, MontBlancAI uses several techniques to anonymize the data. The security of MontBlancAI’s Azure infrastructure is critical to ensuring the protection of the collected data.


To address MontBlancAI’s security and privacy challenges, Mitigant collaborated with MontBlancAI’s team to comprehend their requirements and expectations. Subsequently, MontBlancAI’s account was linked to Mitigant CSPM for Azure, which analyzed it for compliance violations and security issues. The entire process, which included connecting and generating results, was seamless and accomplished in less than 10 minutes. MontBlancAI’s team was able to complete the process independently, thanks to the intuitive interface.

The results provided deep visibility into MontBlancAI's resources, enabling them to maintain an asset inventory. Furthermore, the security and compliance level of MontBlancAI's cloud infrastructure was measured using several cloud security benchmarks, such as HIPAA, Azure Foundational Best Practices, NIST, BSI C5, and CIS.


MontBlancAI took advantage of Mitigant CSPM’s assessment reports to improve the security posture of their Azure infrastructure. As a result, several security and compliance recommendations were implemented in the process.

Given that the assessment automatically runs daily, the MontBlancAI team continuously tracks the cloud security posture, and compliance violations are promptly identified and remediated. This saves over 90% of the time previously required for these tasks and increases customer trust in MontBlancAI.

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