Feature Release: Attack Simulation Recommendations & Google SSO

Feature Release: Attack Simulation Recommendations & Google SSO

We are happy to release two features designed to provide more exciting value for our customers - attack simulation recommendations and Google Single Sign On (SSO). With these two features, we aim to solidify further our mission of enabling cyber resilience in cloud-native infrastructure. Enterprises can easily leverage existing authentication systems, e.g., Google SSO, to access the Mitigant platform. Also, running security chaos engineering experiments has never been this easy. Our deep cloud security analysis recommends experiments contextual to your cloud security posture.

Attack Simulations Recommendation

The newly released “Attack Simulation Recommendation”  feature for our Cloud Immunity product is a game changer. This feature is designed to support our customers in conducting security chaos engineering experiments that are contextually aligned with their specific environments.  The “Attack Simulation Recommendation” feature continually proposes attack actions based on analysis of cloud infrastructure. The proposed attack actions are designed to provide the best security value by focusing on the areas that potentially have blindspots, and these blindspots are attack opportunities in the waiting.  Mitigant customers can easily identify and neutralize these blindspots running the recommended experiments. A huge advantage is the protection of our customers' precious time. Without the need for a deep technical understanding of security chaos engineering or the cloud environment, our customers can run these experiments from day one. This feature further helps our customers to leverage our attack hub, consisting of over 50 predefined attack actions, which can be combined in different ways to form over 200 attack scenarios. You can read more about the innovative features packed in the cloud immunity product here.

Single Sign On with Google Authentication

We are thrilled to announce the seamless integration of Google Single Sign On (SSO) into the Mitigant platform, revolutionizing the user authentication experience for our enterprise customers. Incorporating this powerful feature enables users to effortlessly access the Mitigant platform using their existing enterprise authentication systems. With Google SSO, our customers can enjoy a streamlined and secure login experience, leveraging their trusted enterprise accounts to sign into the Mitigant platform effortlessly. This integration enhances convenience and ensures the highest level of data protection, as enterprise-grade security measures provided by Google SSO are seamlessly extended to our platform. Embrace a new era of simplicity and security with Mitigant's Google SSO integration, unlocking a frictionless user experience for our valued enterprise customers.

Leverage the Mitigant Cloud Security Platform

The Mitigant cloud platform allows companies of all sizes to enable security and resilience for cloud infrastructure seamlessly. Using automation and innovative concepts, the platform allows cloud engineers, security teams, and DevOps/SRE teams to ensure resilient and secure cloud infrastructure easily. Detection engineers can also leverage cloud immunity to verify the efficiency of their detection rules and architecture.   Signing up takes less than 10 minutes, with the opportunity for a 30-day trial period. Go sign up here Sign Up | Mitigant

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