Cloud Security

Manage cloud compliance with ease. Compliance is an essential aspect of every mature cloud security program. However, compliance is no longer an event observed periodically, it is a continuous process. Leverage automation to achieve your compliance objectives and free your staff of unnecessary mundane work.

Continuous compliance management

Never Allow Compliance Violations Remain Unnoticed

Enable continuous compliance management with Mitigant CSPM. Remain compliant with several regulatory and compliance standards, including CIS Benchmarks, NIST, PCI DSS, and BSI C5. Receive alerts with detailed remediation steps for fixing the identified security risks.

Continuous Compliance Management

Have Crystal Clear Visibility of Your Cloud Security Posture

Understand the security posture of your cloud infrastructure at any time. Get deep security insights that go beyond compliance. Close security gaps before they are detected and exploited by attackers.


Adopt a Compliant-by-Default Posture

Regardless of the changes in your cloud infrastructure, enable a continuous compliance strategy that allows for constant detection and remediation of compliance violations. Flexibly choose a scanning routine that fits your schedule and get notifications even while on the go.


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