Cloud Attack Emulation

Adopt a Threat-Informed Defense strategy using the MITRE ATT&CK framework to defend against cloud-specific attacks effectively. Enhance cloud threat detection, separate signal from noise, and eliminate alert fatigue.


Safely Emulate Cloud Attacks

Safely emulate real tactics and techniques used attackers to compromise cloud infrastructure. Use the Mitigant Attack Emulation Platform and skip the need for setting up or maintaining a DIY infrastructure. Achieve your emulation objectives with a few button clicks.


Continuously Evaluate Defenses

Never leave blindspots unspotted! Continuously evaluate security efficiency including accuracy of detection rules and security controls. Enhance default security approaches with context, derived from emulated attacks.


Defend With Precision

Roll out defenses that are based on real world attacks and save precious time and efforts. Adopt defense agility, reduce false positives by empirical testing and protect security teams from alert fatigue.


Why Cloud Attack Emulation

Rapidly transform cloud security operations, eliminate alert fatigue and stay ahead of cloud attacks.


Validate Detection Rules

Quickly validate the efficiency of security detection rules. Ensure that the rules are able to detect MITRE ATT&CK techniques leveraged for cloud attacks.

Eliminate Alert Fatigue

Emulate cloud attacks to identify the threats most relevant to your cloud infrastructure. Zoom in on these threats by tuning your detection mechanisms and alert triaging approaches.

Supercharge SOC Efficiency

Leverage realistic adversary emulation to proactively prepare SOC teams to successfully thwart cloud attacks. Validate Cyber Threat Intelligence and incident response processes to enable assurance in security operations.

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