Cloud Attack Emulation

Run cloud attack simulations to automatically detect security blindspots in your cloud infrastructure with Mitigant’s Cloud Attack Emulation. Try the industry’s first Security Chaos Engineering platform for cloud security to make your cloud infrastructure resilient against possible cloud attacks.


Proactively Build Resilience In Your Cloud Infrastructure

Ensure implemented cloud security controls are working when you need them the most with cloud attack simulations. Discover hidden security blindspots in your cloud infrastructure that could lead to potential cyberattacks.


Elevate Your Security Gameday Strategy

Improve the response of your cloud security controls and teams to be resilient against possible cyberattacks that could happen anytime. Elevate your security gameday strategy with automated cloud attack simulations based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework and real-life cyberattacks.


Observe your cloud’s behavior under a real-life cyberattack

Reduce the risk of potential cyberattacks by running cloud attack simulations to build resilience in your cloud infrastructure. Observe how your cloud would behave during cyberattacks to discover cloud attack surfaces and vulnerable cloud resources.


Cloud Attack Emulation Use Cases

Mitigant Cloud Attack Emulation empowers cloud security teams to move fast and perform several important tasks regardless of level of expertise. This reduces the associated costs, enables agility, and facilitates the achievement of cloud security and resilience.


Gain deeper and empirical insights about your cloud security posture by leveraging Mitigant’s cutting-edge cloud attack emulation system. Empower threat detection engineers with a seamless approach to continuously validate detection algorithms. Mitigant Cloud Attack Emulation is aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK Cloud Matrix and integrates with AWS CloudTrail and GuardDuty.

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