Our Mission:

Simplify security and resilience
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How It Started

Kennedy Torkura, Nils Karn, and Muhammad Sukmana met at Hasso Plattner Institute, Potsdam, Germany. Kennedy and Muhammad were doing their Ph.D. studies in the cloud security area while Nils was conducting research related to design thinking. In 2020, the three came to the idea of starting an enterprise cloud security solution after they could not find a suitable solution that addresses the challenges of rapidly evolving cloud attacks. Dr. Thomas Fricke, one of the cloud security and Kubernetes experts in Germany, joined the team giving his expertise as well as connections in the German cybersecurity and startup scenes.

Resility GmbH was founded in June 2021 by the team that marked the start of their journey to develop Mitigant, a cloud security solution aiming to make enterprise cloud infrastructure secure and resilient from possible cloud attacks. In December 2021, Resility received the initial funding of seven figures from three German venture capitals: HighTech-Gründerfonds, Brandenburg Kapital, and adesso Ventures.


Why Mitigant

Cloud attacks have been increasing over the past few years following rapid digital transformation and migration to the cloud. Meanwhile, cloud attacks also evolve, becoming more complex and creating devastating results for the enterprises storing their data and running their infrastructure in the cloud. Unfortunately, cloud security solutions on the market could not keep up with the pace of the cloud attacks while focusing on being reactive to the security challenges in the cloud, which means they are several steps behind the cloud attackers.

Mitigant is different from the enterprise cloud security solutions on the market. It is the first startup to implement the Security Chaos Engineering technique to provide proactive cloud security measures for enterprise cloud infrastructures. It goes beyond detecting and fixing misconfigured cloud resources as it also monitors for any suspicious activities in the cloud infrastructure. In addition, it runs cloud attack scenarios to improve the resiliency of cloud infrastructure against possible cloud attacks by observing how it would react under various cloud attack scenarios.

Our Team

Thomas Fricke
Advisor and Co-Founder
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