mitto Use Case

Learn how mitto leverages Mitigant to improve its cloud security posture
mitto Use Case


Mitto is a leading provider of global, omnichannel communications solutions that supports business growth with advanced customer engagement technology and messaging enablement. Mitto’s platform ensures the world’s largest brands and Multi-National Organizations are ready for what’s next by offering easy-to-integrate SMS, Voice, and Chat App APIs, next-generation business messaging, and end-to-end phone number management.

Mitto is very committed to ensuring high levels of cyber security by enabling continuous security monitoring, data protection and compliance. Achieving these goals requires a cloud security platform with high-security assurance, automation and accuracy. Therefore, Mitto opted to use Mitigant CSPM to achieve the aforementioned goals.


Mitigant CSPM enabled a seamless onboarding procedure for Mitto; within less than 10 minutes, Mitto’s AWS cloud infrastructure was onboarded and analysed for security and compliance issues. The security assessment outcome was a comprehensive report with details of findings, remediation steps, links to related references and essential information about the affected cloud resources.

Furthermore, the assessment report provided details of compliance ratings based on several cloud security benchmarks, including HIPAA, AWS Foundational Best Practices, NIST, BSI C5, and CIS. Additionally, the asset inventory provided insights into the cloud resources in use, usage statistics across different AWS regions and services, etc.


Mitto’s cloud security posture has improved based on the initial assessment report provided by Mitigant CSPM. The provided findings were remediated; however, this is a continuous process, given the cloud’s ephemerality and rapidly evolving threat landscape. Therefore, Mitigant CSPM monitors Mitto’s AWS infrastructure for compliance violations and security issues. The high level of automation saves a lot of person-hours that could have been spent on manual efforts.

Furthermore, the security findings are ranked based on risks, allowing the security engineers to prioritize remediation efforts.

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