Mitigant Joins The AWS Partner Network

Mitigant Joins The AWS Partner Network

Mitigant recently fulfilled the requirements for the AWS Partner Network (APN) membership. This is a huge achievement for us, given our dedication to providing optimal cloud security services for AWS customers. With this, we are demonstrating to our customers that  our software is verified by AWS and that we adhere to several security best practices, including those outlined by AWS and other regulatory standards. In this blog, we briefly describe the APN is, the process we went through to become an APM member, what this means for us and our next steps in the APN membership.

The AWS Partner Network

The AWS Partner Network (APN) is a global community of partners that leverage AWS programs, expertise, and resources to build, market and sell offerings to AWS customers.  APN members are well positioned to help AWS customers take advantage of AWS offerings by providing several innovative solutions and services to resolve customers' challenges.

The APN has over 100,00 partners from more than 150 countries, supporting AWS customers to leverage cloud computing for their businesses. APN partners are strategic experts and experienced builders suited to address various business needs via software, hardware or service offerings.

Mitigant’s Journey to The AWS Partner Network Membership

Our journey to attaining the APN membership involved undergoing the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR). The AWS FTR is designed for APN members that provide SaaS offerings hosted or integrated into the AWS cloud. The AWS FTR enables members to identify and remediate risks in their software, these risks are based on the best practices specified in the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Furthermore, the AWS FTR addresses several core requirements, including data management, regulatory compliance, business continuity and disaster recovery planning. This process helps partners demonstrate the efficiency of their solutions by ensuring security controls are deployed and processed to support incident response efforts.

What This Means For Mitigant

The big thing for us at Mitigant is we can now demonstrate to our customers that AWS has verified our software and infrastructure. In addition, we adhere to security best practices outlined by AWS and several compliance benchmarks, e.g., the Centre for Internet Security AWS Benchmark. Furthermore, our systems are designed to secure customers' data under standard privacy regulations.

One goal of the APN is to allow software vendors and service providers easier access to AWS customers. This also allows customers to easy access AWS-verified software via the AWS Marketplace. Furthermore, APN members are listed on the partner solutions finder registry, accordingly, Mitigant already appears on the list. You can already find us using our legalized registered company name - Resility GmbH

Mitigant Cloud Security Posture Management System

Our Next Steps in The APN Membership

APN membership is the entry point to several APN tracks, additionally the requirements for listing products on the AWS Marketplace can be optionally fulfilled.  We used this opportunity to fulfill these requirements, hence we are in the process of making our products available on the AWS marketplace to allow easy access by AWS customers. Next, we will complete the process to co-sell with AWS by enrolling on the AWS ISV Accelerate Program. We will continue to build traction on the APN by exploring several APN Competency Programs, in particular, the security partnership competency track.

Mitigant’s Cloud Workload Protection Platform

Mitigant is a SaaS solution that enables continuous security and compliance for enterprises' cloud infrastructure. Our solution has at its base, a proprietary Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) system that simplifies compliance and security management for AWS and Azure workloads.  Mitigant CSPM is a security force multiplier for enterprise, it takes of cloud security issues, allowing customers to confidently focus on their core business objectives.  In addition, our platform enables cyber-resiliency for enterprises by leveraging Security Chaos Engineering concepts.  As pioneers of this novel approach, we empower security teams to identify security blind spots and proactively become resilient to cloud attacks.

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