Cybersec 2024
Cybersec 2024

Cybersec 2024

29-30 May 2024
Booth SZ.014, Brussels Expo, Brussels, Belgium

About The Event

Catch Mitigant at Cybersec Europe 2024 in Brussels Expo, Brussels, Belgium, on 29th and 30th May 2024 at Booth SZ.014 with Mitigant's partner, adesso Netherlands. Join us for a coffee chat to discuss your cloud security challenges and needs with cloud security experts and learn how Mitigant can ensure your cloud-native infrastructures are secure, compliant, and resilient with the world's first and most comprehensive Cloud Attack Emulation platform.

Do not miss the pitches by Mitigant CEO Nils Karn on 29th May at 2 PM CEST and 30th May at 11.45 AM CEST.

Book a meeting with Mitigant here or drop by at Mitigant booth to proactively protect your clouds against cloud threats.

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