Mitigant for Azure

Mitigant provides a unique visibility into the security of resources on Azure Cloud. This allows deep insights into compliance and security issues, along with comprehensive remediation steps. Stay ahead of cloud attacks with Mitigant CSPM.

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Continuous Cloud Compliance

Use Mitigant for a hassle-free achievement and maintenance of compliance requirements . Quickly identify misconfigured or non-compliant Azure resources and take prompt action. Remain complaint with several cloud security benchmarks and best practices.

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Cloud Asset Management

Never worry about cloud resource sprawl, leverage Mitigant cloud asset management to continuously keep track of resources being created, modified or deleted from your Azure cloud.

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Dynamic Drift Detection

Dynamically maintain situational awareness of cloud resources, track and understand the changes regardless of the point or type of orchestration. Understand the security and risk implications of cloud changes and take action based on deep analysis.

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