Mitigant for AWS

Mitigant is pioneering the first, pure play cyber resiliency solution for AWS, based on security chaos engineering. Through deep integration to the AWS fabric, an enriched, high quality and reliable security service is provided. The security posture of AWS infrastructure is continually monitored for security and compliance violations, notifications are triggered to alert teams on prioritized issues.

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Cloud Security Verification

Rather than depending on assumptions, gut feeling or vendor promises, verify the true state of your cloud security posture with the click of a button. Simulate safe, controlled and reversible attacks to validate your security assumptions and quickly evaluate your Return on Security Investments.

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Continuous Cloud Compliance

Achieve your desired compliance goals in alignment with your desired compliance benchmark. Leverage the Mitigant comprehensive compliance coverage to continuously monitor for compliance violations. Get notifications on the go and quickly remediate the violations based on our risk analysis.

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Cloud Asset Management

Take advantage of the cloud asset management feature to maintain an continuously updated inventory of your AWS resources. This enables situational awareness of cloud assets and curtails the challenge of cloud resource sprawl. Furthermore, it saves time since the resources are visible from a centralised and intuitive pane of glass.

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Dynamic Drift Management

The dynamic drift management feature allows for continuous detection, analysis, and resolution of cloud resource drifts. Regardless of the deployment approach, our drift management approach discovers all drift including created, modified and deleted resources. The drifts are analysed to identify malicious or suspicious activities, which are commonly indicative of a compromised cloud account.

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