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Mitigant seamlessly enables cyber-resiliency so you can operate a securely resilient cloud.

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Enable a cyber-resilient cloud infrastructure and adopt a security-by-default posture !

Leverage the Mitigant Continuous Cloud Immunity Platform for cyber-resilience while gaining all the advantages of a Multi-Cloud CSPM.

Evaluate Your Security Investments

Use simulated attacks to gain accurate insights into your cloud security posture. Test and verify cloud security and cyber-resiliency posture with button clicks. Detect blindspots and iteratively harden your cloud infrastructure. Know your security ROI immediately using our agile feedback loop.


Easily Achieve and Remain Compliant

Easily achieve compliance for your multi-cloud environment based on over 10 cloud security benchmarks. Monitor, detect and remediate compliance violations seamlessly. Get risk-based analysis if your multi-cloud infrastructure to support objective decision making.


Keep Track Of Cloud Drifts

Take control of your cloud resources via a comprehensive asset inventory. Establish your desired baseline and get notified once changes are detected. Take prompt action before changes become security risks.


Continuous SecurityVerification

Mitigant is revolutionizing cloud security with the first Continuous Cloud Immunity (CSV) platform. The CSV platform enables security and cyber-resiliency by leveraging security chaos engineering concepts built on top of our innovative CSPM.

Adopt an Attack Resilient Posture

Defeating modern cloud attacks requires a mindset shift from mere attack prevention and detection to attack resilience. This mindset aids in employing approaches that thwart cloud threats regardless of their entry points and level of sophistication. Mitigant Continuous Cloud Immunity Platform is an enabler of attack resilience. It consists of three cornerstone functions: Detect, Secure, Verify.



  • Continuous cloud infrastructure monitoring.
  • Identification of misconfigured cloud resources based on several cloud security standards and best practices.
  • Tracking of changes in cloud infrastructure to provide full visibility and control.


  • Real-time alerting of suspicious and malicious activities.
  • Manual or automatic remediation of misconfigurations and security issues.
  • Continuous compliance management aligned with cloud security standards.


  • Enable resiliency against cloud attacks by using security chaos engineering techniques.
  • Controlled process to verify the effectiveness of implemented cloud security mechanisms.
  • Proactively discover security blind spots.




Our innovative approach enables you to take control of your cloud security posture like a champion. Security issues and suspicious events are proactively identified and flagged. Your cloud infrastructure is continuously tested to identify security blindspots.


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