Unraveling Security Chaos Engineering

Security Chaos Engineering (SCE) recently emerged as a novel approach for conveying the benefits of chaos engineering to cyber security. Given the increasing rate and sophistication of cyber-attacks, it is imperative to evolve techniques that tackle these modern cyber-attacks. In this webinar, Mitigant‘s CTO, Kennedy Torkura, a pioneer of SCE, will discuss the basics of SCE, how it differs from other cyber security strategies, and how SCE can be used for cloud-native security.

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About The Webinar

Most successful cloud attacks are due to the adoption of hope-driven security mechanisms. These cloud attacks are successful despite the increasing number of cloud security solutions because hope is not a strategy. Hope-driven security mechanisms, at best, provide a false sense of security and are not effective for cloud-native infrastructure.

Security Chaos Engineering (SCE) addresses these limitations by enabling proactive security mechanisms based on evidence-driven methods. Rather than reactively implementing countermeasures in the aftermath of successful cyber-attacks, SCE proactively verifies the efficiency of deployed security controls and identifies blindspots. Consequently, an assume breach mindset is adopted, and security hardening efforts are applied to reduce the possibilities of successful attacks.

This webinar will provide an overview of the revolutionary technique of SCE to provide proactive security mechanisms and how to build security resiliency within the cloud-native infrastructure.

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