Innovating Cloud-Native Cyber Resilience and Stumbling into Security Chaos Engineering

In this webinar, Kennedy Torkura (CTO & Co-Founder at Mitigant) and Jay Thoden van Velzen (Strategic Advisor to CSO at SAP) will discuss the challenge of maintaining security and cyber resilience for cloud-native infrastructure and how Security Chaos Engineering addresses these challenges.

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About The Webinar

Modern infrastructure is cloud-native, composed of multiple abstraction layers, and complex. These properties enable several benefits, including speed, agility, and productivity; however, maintaining cyber security and cyber resilience is challenging. Despite the increasing evolution of cyber security mechanisms to address these challenges, the sophistication and frequency of successful cyber attacks have continuously increased. Security chaos engineering recently appeared a promising approach for addressing these contemporary cyber security challenges. Jay Thoden van Velzen narrates SAP‘s unique path to address these challenges in this Webinar. Though SAP’s path does not strictly align with Security Chaos Engineering principles, several overlapping points provide exciting lessons that could benefit other organizations undergoing similar challenges.

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