How to Prepare Your Organization for NIS2 Directive

The European Union’s Network and Information Systems 2 (NIS2) Directive will affect many mid-sized and large companies operating in critical and high-importance sectors starting in October 2024. With the compliance deadline approaching, many companies may not be adequately prepared. Join Mitigant’s webinar with experts from security awareness, legal and compliance, and cloud security sectors as they share how organizations can prepare themselves to comply with the NIS2 Directive.

About The Webinar

Network and Information Systems 2 (NIS2) Directive is the new initiative from The European Union that will be in effect in October 2024 for critical and high-importance sector organizations operating and located in European Union member states. The initiative aims to ensure organizations have a robust cybersecurity strategy in place to keep up with the increasing and evolving cyberattacks in recent years. However, many companies might not yet realize they have to comply with the NIS2 Directive due to the expanded scope compared to the predecessor NIS Directive, and they might not know what needs to be done to achieve NIS2 compliance.

Join the discussion with our expert panel moderated by Dr Muhammad Sukmana, Chief Product Officer at Mitigant, as they explore what organizations should expect to ensure compliance with the NIS2 Directive. Don’t miss out and gain insights into the NIS2 Directive from three crucial perspectives: security awareness, legal & compliance, and cloud security.

Alexandru Vleju, Azure Cloud Engineer, adesso Netherlands
Florestan Peters, Field Marketing Manager North EMEA, SoSafe
Stefan Hessel, Head of Digital Business and Attorney-at-Law, reuschlaw

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