Getting Started with Security Chaos Engineering

Security Chaos Engineering enables cyber resiliency for systems and infrastructures by providing the capability to withstand, anticipate, recover and adapt to cyber attacks. However, there are several misconceptions about this novel approach. These misconceptions can be eliminated by adopting the right mindset and intent, such as injecting planned attacks to detect security blind spots rather than launching “full-scale cyber attacks” that potentially render an infrastructure unusable. In this webinar, Mitigant CTO, Kennedy Torkura, will provide deep insights on practical adoption steps organisations can take to roll out a security chaos engineering program successfully.

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About The Webinar

Security chaos engineering is a novel approach that helps to verify if implemented security mechanisms are resilient against cyber attacks. Organizations intending to become resilient to cyber attacks can adopt this approach to overcome the rapid increase in cyber attacks. Security chaos engineering is based on the principle that by injecting controllable security faults, security blindspots can be detected and remediated, thereby outpacing cyber-criminals. Furthermore, security chaos engineering facilitates the collection of real evidence about the effectiveness of security controls, thus allowing quick evaluation of security Return-on-Investment.

However, many organizations do not have the knowledge or the correct mindset when implementing Security chaos engineering, which leads to frustration and difficulty in leadership buy-in. Like other engineering practices, Security chaos engineering should be started in a non-production environment with a very basic “Hello World” approach, such as a harmless one-liner scenario attack. Depending on the maturity level of the organisation’s security team, the practice can be scaled up and improved gradually, eventually arriving at the production environment to reap maximum benefits.

This webinar will explain several starting points for organizations to implement Security chaos engineering correctly and safely.

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