Game of Thrones: Gamedays for Security Professionals

With the number of cyberattacks increasing rapidly, gameday becomes a viable solution for organisations to see how the team and the environment would behave under actual security incidents. In this webinar, Kennedy Torkura, Chief Technology Officer at Mitigant will explain what gameday is and how the gameday should be planned to prepare the organisations against possible cyberattacks.

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About The Webinar

Gamedays allow security and operation teams to run several simulations that resemble actual incidents against a test environment. The purpose is to test and verify the effectiveness of incident response plans, processes, and systems. This allows engineering teams to build confidence in their skills and processes. Gamedays are recommended in the Well-Architected Framework of hyper-scaler cloud service providers (AWS, GCP, and Azure) to ensure cloud infrastructure is ready against possible cyberattacks that exploit the vulnerabilities and misconfigurations on the cloud.

However, the cybersecurity industry is yet to leverage gamedays to improve response to incidents and the effectiveness of other security activities, e.g. detection engineering and threat hunting. Without a gameday strategy, organisations might not be prepared if security incidents happen to them, which could cause catastrophic effects on the organisations.

This webinar provides an overview of what gameday is and the benefits of gameday strategy as well as outlines some procedures security teams might employ to conduct gamedays successfully.

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