Notch is revolutionalising B2B sales via a unique sales enablement platform that manages all buyer interactions throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Notch is the first no-code suite that provides a comprehensive aggregation of the entire customer buying journey into a unified interface.

This approach allows for faster onboarding of customers and enables revenue teams to create end-to-end buying experience from the demo up to implementation.

Notch leverages data from their clients to provide this unique experience and these data might be sensitive thus requiring efficient security and privacy mechanisms. However, being a startup, Notch team is still being built up hence focusing on growing an inhouse security teams to tackle these security and privacy issues is not an optimal strategy.


Mitigant connected with the Notch team to discuss and have a clear understanding of their challenges and expectations. Afterward, Notch's AWS account was linked to Mitigant CSPM and analyzed for security issues and compliance violations. Due to efficient automation, the entire process, from connection to result generation, took less than 30 minutes.

The result provided deep visibility into Notch's resources, including a comprehensive inventory of their cloud resources. Furthermore, it showed the security issues and compliance violations for several cloud security benchmarks, including HIPAA, AWS Foundational Best Practices, NIST, BSI C5, and CIS.


Notch used the assessment result of Mitigant CSPM to improve the security posture of their AWS infrastructure. As a result, a number of security and compliance violations were remediated in the process.

Given that the assessment automatically runs daily, the Notch team is continuously informed of new security and compliance findings. Similarly, they are notified of the current state of cloud resource drift, i.e. resources that are either created, deleted, or modified. This saves over 80% of the time previously required for these tasks and enhances customer trust for Notch's customers.

The services we offer at Notch often require interaction with enterprise systems therefore security and privacy are important for us. Mitigant is the right solution for us, it enables quick and continuous visibility into our cloud security and complaince posture. This saves us a lot of time, effort and cost, allowing us to remain agile and focused on our core business goals.

Devin Lemcke
Co-Founder Notch

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