adair is a startup that has developed a fully automated behavior mining for measuring how changes impact teams in organizations. Leveraging over 60 years of quantitative sociology on group behavior, adair replaces guesswork and intuition with pinpoint certainty. adair leveraged Mitigant CSPM to improve the security posture of their AWS infrastructure by identifying and remediating several security and compliance violations.


Notch is revolutionizing B2B sales via a unique sales enablement platform that manages all buyer interactions throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Notch is the first no-code suite that provides a comprehensive aggregation of the entire customer buying journey into a unified interface. Given the highly automated approach adopted by Mitigant, the Notch team is continuously informed of new security nd compliance findings as well as cloud resource drifts. This saves over 80% of the time previously required for these tasks and enhances customer trust for Notch's customers.


MontBlancAI is a startup that empowers machine manufacturers and operators to improve their bottom line by providing a product that detects anomalies and enables a deeper understanding of their machines. It enables continuous validation of processes, predicts trends, and offers timely recommendations. To achieve these objectives, MontBlancAI requires modern infrastructure, and hence, they leverage the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. This enables agility, scalability, and faster time-to-market for their software. MontBlancAI collects several types of data from factories, including data from the machines PLCs and user feedback. To prevent data breaches and reputational damage, MontBlancAI uses several techniques to anonymize the data. The security of MontBlancAI Azure infrastructure is critical to ensuring the protection of the collected data.


Mitto is a leading provider of global, omnichannel communications solutions that supports business growth with advanced customer engagement technology and messaging enablement. Mitto’s platform ensures the world’s largest brands and Multi-National Organizations are ready for what’s next by offering easy-to-integrate SMS, Voice, and Chat App APIs, next-generation business messaging, and end-to-end phone number management. Mitto is very committed to ensuring high levels of cyber security by enabling continuous security monitoring, data protection and compliance. Achieving these goals requires a cloud security platform with high-security assurance, automation and accuracy. Therefore, Mitto opted to use Mitigant CSPM to achieve the aforementioned goals.

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